2022 Coed Softball League Rules


ENTRY FEE $425 - Payable to CER



 1) We will be hiring umpires for all games, their decisions are final.

2) Exposed jewelry, which is judged by the umpire to be dangerous, must be removed. Wedding rings and medical alert bracelets are not considered jewelry.

3) All bats used must be legally recognized by the ASA. If it is not legal in ASA, it is not legal here. Check this site for approved bats: Check certified equipment at http://www.teamusa.org, Bats protested will be held out of play till proven legal by owner of bat - have proof (picture) from internet or other source. Protesting team can provide picture of illegal bat.

4) Umpires will OK balls for play (too dark or unplayable- UMPIRE MUST BE ABLE TO READ) plus all balls to be in play need to be initialed by the plate umpire prior to being used in the game. The umpire will initial twice on each softball. LEAGLE BALL TO USE - New 52 Core, 300 compression ball – If Girl's ball is not deemed playable - girls will hit men's ball Any ball in play that does not bear the umpire’s initials will be thrown out and the team will be assessed an out. Umpires will use discretion if the initials may have been inadvertently rubbed off. Illegal balls will not be tolerated.

5) Start with 1 ball, 1 strike count. Two swinging or called strikes is an out. Courtesy foul is not allowed. Pitched ball must be between 6' and 12 ' arc

6) Any rule not covered or mentioned is governed by the USA-ASA rule book.- ASA rule book will be used for batting out of order and any other rules not covered by this piece of paper

7) Three warm up pitches to start the game. One pitch between innings. Penalty-called ball on batter. Batter has ten seconds to be in the batter’s box. Penalty- called strike on batter. Please Hustle Between Innings

8) Each team is allowed 5 home runs per game. After that each home run is an out. Batter and runners do not have to run bases on a homerun.


10) Home team shall be determined by flip of coin. Home team must report score on card from ump and put in box at fields. Scores will be in Photo Press & online: http://chirps.tripod.com/coedstandings.htm Please report errors and omissions to league director - chirp at 507-525-7303 or chirprsc@hotmail.com

11) No limit to players on the roster.

12) A team shall be able to use players in the stands if short

- 12a) During playoff time both managers have to agree for a player from another team from any division to play for team that is short players

- 12b) Players playing on multiple teams during the season must declare which is their main team before playoffs

13) Must have seven players to start a game. You can play with more guys than girls, but the guys cannot exceed 5 in a game at one time. An out is taken in between two guys batting together. A team can bat UP TO 12 BATTERS

14) If a team is not prepared to start the game 15 minutes after its scheduled time, they will receive a loss. If you have seven players to start, you must start.

15) Protests: Notify umpire. Written protests must be made within 24 hours of the protested games’ completion. All score books must contain full players names for each team’s roster. Teams not having first and last name of both teams in book at game time forfeit right to protest. A $25.00 check must accompany the protest and be submitted to the league director in the time prescribed. The check will be refunded if protest is validated.

16) If a male is walked he will go straight to second base, the next girls bats unless there are two outs. The girl does not have to touch home plate before going to first base. The girl can request to bat with two outs.

17) The game will end if there is a 12 run lead after 5 innings, 20 run rule after 4 innings.

18) You will bat your own balls. Girls bat 11” ball, Guys 12”. Team can bat men's ball for all players.

19) Sliding is optional, but you are out if you intentionally or flagrantly try to hurt someone when not sliding or purposely interfere with play. This goes for all bases. Ejected players suspended from next game. This includes playoffs.


ASA RULE - 21) Courtesy runner allowed ONCE PER INNING - Will be Girl for Girl runner or Guy for Guy runner - if the player is on base when their turn at bat comes up an out will be called - and the player will come to bat in proper order.

22) No Steel spikes. Penalty is forfeiture


PLAYOFFS-Ties broken by head to head, record against same teams played in division, coin flip. Highest seeds will be home team in first round playoff game. After that coin flip. Trophies awarded to winners of playoffs -


Rescheduling games: Cancellation: Notify league director chirp – chirprsc@hotmail.com - (507)235-6819 and other team 24 hours before game. Rain outs: League director will reschedule and notify umpire. Game cancellation s- During game or start of game, umpires decision. If it is raining,  check Fairmont Softball Association Facebook page. If there is lightning the game will be suspended or called off.